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A businessman is a person involved in the business segment or particular responsibility activities (commercial or industrial) and generates transactions, sales by utilizing a combination of human, economic, logical, and physical capital to fuel economic development and growth. A good businessman is creative and innovative, ready to take the risk, persistence, and opportunity taking. An entrepreneur is a person who develops a business or number of businesses. The businessman defines to be a creator, possessor, and mainstream investor of a commercial enterprise; or it can characterize high-level policymaking. The term may sometimes refer to someone who is involved in an upper-level administration role in an establishment, company, initiative, association, or intervention.  

Faizan Javed Ifti, one of the effective and impressive Pakistani businessmen. He studied at the University of Karachi, and become a software Engineer. He is the youngest Asian Pakistani Business Man who owns public relations operations. This 19-year-old Pakistani sensation has been a motivation for young minds nationwide. Faizan is currently a serial Pakistani Businessman, meaning he owns more than one functional and successful business’ and is always increasing his swift of business’. He currently runs several businesses including Eureka Industries Pvt Ltd as CEO of “Textile Mill” Karachi, Pakistan, also runs a currently established website known as LBSP, Largest Buying Selling Pakistan as CEO. It is a classified website in Pakistan. He also runs another business known as Hq Linen online, retail & wholesaler in Australia.

He is determined to his work and work day and night to develop his business up to upper-level management and gain fame as a young Asian Pakistani businessman. He is hard-working, initiative and drive, and an information seeker, and maintains the quality of concerning standard/quality of work. He has the ability to solve a particular problem in business dealings. 

He is the influencer and has a great impact on those who started their business in their early life. He proves that age is just a number and dedication is what matters. These groups and websites provided the best services according to your demand. His company was started by him when he was just 19 years old, and he has been dealing with public relations ever since then.  This in itself is an achievement. According to the demand of consumers, he primarily focused on providing the best opportunities for brands and public figures to grow on social media. He was just 14 when many famous pages with over millions in fan following were under his ownership. This made brans approach him for promotions. This helped him rapidly make connections which later helped him in his career. This introduced him to the press and media industry. The LBSP website is the largest buying selling in Pakistan and is known for its best quality products and features. The website includes all items ranging from mobile phones to cars, electronics, etc. The other website HQ linen is established in Australia and known for its best quality fabric items like quilt covers, bed sheets, and towels, etc.

So, this is all about Faizan Javed Ifti, who knows the business, ability to plan and organize, foresighted, have ethical standards, initiative, and creative, industrious, punctual, and experienced businessman at the young age of 19 in ASIA, PAKISTAN.